CRM2 webinar for IFB: Wed June 15th at 12pm


Susan Silma, co-founder and partner of CRM2 Navigator, will be providing a 1-hour webinar on CRM2 readiness. She will:


  • Provide an overview of the CRM2 rules with a focus on the changes being implemented in July 2016.
  • Discuss the impact of these rule changes on both clients and advisors, including how clients may interpret and understand the cost and performance information required to be provided under CRM2.
  • Provide guidance and tips for defining a value proposition and incorporating the cost and performance information into a broader discussion with clients regarding their goals, objectives, and risk tolerance, and
  • Review some of the challenges for dual-licensed advisors.

This webinar is eligible for the following continuing education credits:

  • One hour of Life License CE
  • One hour of FPSC-approved CE (pending)

The webinar takes place on Wednesday, June 15 from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EDT

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