Should I dump my investment adviser to save on fees?

Should I dump my investment adviser to save on fees?

Should I dump my investment adviser to save on fees? "Well, there’s more to running a retirement portfolio than saving money," says Rob Carrick in his Dec. 16, 2016 "Carrick on Money" newsletter.

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Check your risk of Money in Motion for CRM2

Many investors are shocked when they see their #CRM2 Fee and Performance Reports for the first time. How will they react when they receive yours in January? There's still time to find out with our CRM2 Navigator Money in Motion Assessment. We'll identify potential trouble areas and help your firm not only prevent money in motion, but even grow assets. >> Check your Money in Motion risk.  

Advisor Insights for CRM2 from IFIC

IFIC offers a three-part series of documents to help advisors ensure clients get the most from the new reports they will soon receive under CRM2.  The documents are designed to help advisors have better conversations with their clients about their investments as the final stages of CRM2 are implemented. 


It’s not a game. It’s my retirement. #AskToughQuestions

In advance of the arrival of new CRM2 fee reports, Questrade has launched an #AskToughQuestions campaign.

Designed to help Canadians keep more of their money, it encourages investors to ask tough questions about the fees they pay for their investments.

It’s not a game. It’s my retirement. #AskToughQuestion


At CRM2 Navigator, we help advisors #GiveGoodAnswers
about fees and the value investors receive for the fees they pay. Ask us how we can help – get in touch today.  

Mind the gap | CRM2-style disclosure could be coming for a range of insurance products

“… The regulators have perceived a gap … and they have a desire to plug the gap in disclosure requirements."  Susan Silma, co-founder of CRM2 Navigator

Now that the major disclosure reforms for securities products in both CRM2 and POS requirements for Fund Facts have been implemented, regulators are signalling their plans to extend some of these rules to the insurance industry.

From disclosure to discourse: Lessons from Canada’s Radical New Approach to Disclosure Can Help Advisers Build Client Trust

From disclosure to discourse: Lessons from Canada’s Radical New Approach to Disclosure Can Help Advisers Build Client Trust

There’s a common misconception about disclosure: the belief that by simply sharing complex information with people, they will understand and retain it. But that’s not usually the case. Think of your own experience with disclosure. When was the last time you read all of the disclosures related to an investment? Or even reviewed the entire Terms and Conditions for an iTunes download before simply clicking ‘Agree’?

Top 3 things for Advisors to do before CRM2 statements go out in Jan 2017


Watch video now

In this video, Susan Silma, co-founder, CRM2 Navigator, recommends three things that advisors should do before the new CRM2 statements go out to clients in 2017. She spoke at the recent CRM2 Breakfast Seminar, third edition at the Arcadian Court in Toronto.

Here are 3 key things advisors can do to prepare for client reactions to their CRM2 Fee and Performance Reports:

  1. Understand client reactions to CRM2 Reports – request a CRM2 Navigator Money in Motion Assessment.
  2. Identify at-risk clients – prioritize who to contact first.
  3. Start the conversations now – prepare to have comfortable, confident conversations with clients about fees, performance and your value as their advisor.


What investors should know about the new CRM2 performance reports

What investors should know about the new CRM2 performance reports

In January 2017, the new CRM2 Annual Reports will start landing on investors' kitchen tables or email inboxes. Without a doubt, they'll have plenty of questions … and their advisors need to be prepared with the answers. At CRM2 Navigator, we’ve discovered there’s a lot of confusion around the new money-weighted performance information in particular. Here's what investors should know about the new CRM2 performance reports.

CRM2 webinar for IFB: Wed June 15th at 12pm


Susan Silma, co-founder and partner of CRM2 Navigator, will be providing a 1-hour webinar on CRM2 readiness. She will:


  • Provide an overview of the CRM2 rules with a focus on the changes being implemented in July 2016.
  • Discuss the impact of these rule changes on both clients and advisors, including how clients may interpret and understand the cost and performance information required to be provided under CRM2.
  • Provide guidance and tips for defining a value proposition and incorporating the cost and performance information into a broader discussion with clients regarding their goals, objectives, and risk tolerance, and
  • Review some of the challenges for dual-licensed advisors.

This webinar is eligible for the following continuing education credits:

  • One hour of Life License CE
  • One hour of FPSC-approved CE (pending)

The webinar takes place on Wednesday, June 15 from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EDT

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Susan Silma's CRM2 Challenges and Solutions

Who better to discuss the challenges advisors may face in the final phase of CRM2 than industry thought-leader Susan Silma, co-founder of CRM2 Navigator? As an integral figure in CRM2’s development and launch, Susan was able to provide meaningful insights into the background and rationale for the CRM2 regulation last week. This week, in part two of the series, she defines the challenges advisors may encounter and offers some words of advice: