Did your firm's CRM2 Reports make the grade?
Request a CRM2 Report Card for your firm and find out.

See how your firm compares to industry peers.

Now that many of the CRM2 reports have been sent out, there’s a great deal of industry interest in the look and content of other dealer firms' reports. We’ve reviewed a wide range of CRM2 Reports from across the industry. If you want to see what other dealers have done, we’d be pleased to create a CRM2 Report Card specifically for your firm.

What you receive

With your customized CRM2 Report Card, you’ll receive a detailed assessment of how your approach to CRM2 reporting compares to other firms. Your CRM2 Report Card will provide detailed peer comparisons, an assessment of the impact on the client experience, and recommendations for best practices. 


Improve your CRM2 Reports

You’ll receive a comprehensive analysis of your approach to CRM2 reporting based on our regulatory expertise, industry best practices, and our research insights into report methodology, content and design.

Augment your client experience

Our specific recommendations will demonstrate how to improve the client experience and facilitate comprehension.



For information about pricing and to request a CRM2 Report Card for your firm, please contact:
Dave Carr-Pries at 416.527.0323 | email Dave Carr-Pries

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