Comfortable, confident conversations

Coaching and elearning for financial advisors

The regulatory landscape is shifting. The client-advisor relationship is being reshaped through increased disclosure and transparency. Conversations are changing and the client experience is being significantly impacted. Advisors need to be prepared to have comfortable, confident conversations on potentially sensitive topics such as fees, performance, the value they deliver for their fees. 

Conversation scenarios

Interactive advisor training

Our interactive advisor training platform meets the industry's changing needs. Our coaching and elearning model combines our unique expertise in industry thought leadership along with our ability to apply the investor lens to communications. We equip advisors to protect and grow their businesses while engaging with their clients.


Learn at your own pace

The Comfortable Conversations Program works within the realities of an advisor’s busy and fragmented day. Based on theories of micro-learning, advisors consume elements of the training in small portions that fit their schedule. Our program delivers high impact content that combines short videos, role plays, and feedback and reinforcement through interactive scenarios.


Earn CE credits

The comfortable conversation modules in our elearning program are eligible for CE credits.


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