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Webinar - The KYC challenge: Achieving compliance while improving the customer experience

REGISTER NOW   Get tips from industry experts in KYC and client onboarding to achieve the balance between compliance and customer experience. Speakers: Mark Mullen, CEO, Atom Bank and Nathalie Murat, Banks and Payment, Gemalto

The challenge for financial institutions to comply with ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) rules as part of the Anti-Money Laundering initiative is increasing. But there is a very real risk of the client experience being damaged as a result of the growing KYC burden – just at a time when banks need to focus on improving that experience to fend off the threat of new entrants, and when digital channels requiring speedy, smooth onboarding are becoming ever more important in banks’ strategies.

Webinar will address key questions and issues including:

·      How is regulation driving complexity? How can global players best manage local regulations?

·      What other factors are shaping the environment in which banks operate? Is automation an opportunity to simplify processes for banks?

·      How does the increasingly digital environment in which banks operate impact KYC and AML? How can banks leverage technology such as ID verification in a way that keeps them one step ahead of the criminals, rather than one step behind?

·      How can banks manage their KYC compliance obligations while maintaining world-class service levels to customers? What are the internal challenges for banks in their various departments? What are the external challenges resulting from the new digital channels?