Learn how to express your value, retain clients and attract new ones

Anticipate client reactions

We know how investors react to finding out new information about the fees they pay and the performance they receive. Some are fine with the what they see - others are shocked. Deepen your client relationships with insights into what actually matters to them. 

Craft your response

Learn how to have comfortable, confident conversations about fees, performance and your value. Discover how to connect the fees your clients pay to the value they receive, and their performance information to the goals they want to achieve.

Our tools and guidebooks

  • We provide a range of advisors and investors-facing training materials that are practical and simple to use.
  • Designed to be used directly in client conversations, our tools make complicated concepts easy to understand.
  • Our companion "how-to" guidebooks for advisors are completely informed by insights from our investor and advisor research.
  • We help advisors script their client conversations with key talking points for a variety of scenarios, along with tips on best practices and responses to client questions.
  • All of our training materials can be white labelled to look like they're yours; the content can be fully customized to relate to your firm's specific value drivers.

We provide effective solutions for advisors to the most challenging client conversations. Our topics include:

  • “Sharpening your value story”
  • “Discussing your fee-worthy value”
  • “What fee disclosures mean to investors”
  • “What performance reporting means to investors”
  • “Understanding MERs”
  • “Using Fund Facts to explain fees & demonstrate value”
  • “Explaining Time- vs. Money-Weighted Returns”
  • “Segmenting and prioritizing your book”
  • "Importance of goal-based investing"
  • ... and much more!

Choose the training approach that works for you

We train your advisors:

  • In-person seminars
  • Online webinars
  • Interactive workshop

You train your advisors:

  • We "train the trainers"
  • Webinars and workshops
  • Ongoing support, feedback and success metrics