Susan Silma discusses CRM2 fees and provides advice for investors in this CBC "On the Money" segment.

CRM2 was designed to give investors insights into the fees they paid, both directly and indirectly, and put them on a more level playing field with their advisors, says Susan Silma, a champion for more transparent disclosure rules. She highlights the benefits of the new fee information and recommends investors talk to their advisors about fees. 


Why communication is crucial in the advisor-client relationship.

Over 1/3 of investors globally would switch firms simply due to a lack of communication. Does your firm's approach to communication undermine your client relationships and put your business at risk? Susan Silma and Brent Klassen discuss client expectations about timely and relevant communication. They also explore ways that advisors can use communication more effectively to satisfy client needs, strengthen relationships and reinforce the value they provide.


Why goals matter when discussing client returns.

Without guidance, clients have different expectations around returns than their advisors: clients usually expect much higher returns.  How can advisors prevent clients from being disappointed by their actual returns? Susan Silma and Brent Klassen discuss the importance of helping clients make their goals more concrete, and explore the opportunity of using returns to help clients track progress toward their goals.


Where is the money in motion and what's at risk?

Has the new CRM2 fee and performance information set money in motion? In this video, Susan Silma and Brent Klassen discuss the impact to date on client expectations and identify potential pitfalls that could lead clients to question the value they receive and set money in motion.

Helping clients understand the fees
they pay.

Susan Silma and Brent Klassen explore key ways that financial advisors can help their clients feel more comfortable with their fees. They provide tips for
explaining fees to clients and reinforcing an advisor's value.

Webinar series: How advisors can capture
money in motion for 2017

Want to know how to capture money in motion and turn the new CRM2 fee and performance information into an opportunity with your clients? Susan Silma, co-founder of CRM2 Navigator, outlines how advisors can leverage CRM2 and be on the winning side of money in motion in this 10-module webinar series developed by the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC). 

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CE CREDITS: The webinar may be eligible for 1hr of CE credits (pending IIROC approval) and can be viewed in its entirety or in individual modules. Those who opt to view the modules must view all 10 to be eligible for CE credits. The credits will be sent, via email, once approval has been received. 

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The impact of CRM2 on investors:
A six-part series for Investment Executive IE TV "Winning Strategies"

New CRM2 statements from Quadrus help to make investing an easier language for investors to understand.